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Rapallo to be discovered

Rapallo has an ancient history, all waiting to be discovered!
From the Middle Ages come the ruins of the abbey of Valle Christi, a place full of charm, Hannibal’s Bridge and gradually, the Civic Tower, the slate portals, the Porta delle Saline. Testifying to the period of the Saracen invasions by the pirate Dragut remains the magnificent Castle on the Sea, and again, following in time, the ancient village of San Michele with its historic villas and the splendid Crucifixion by Antoon Van Dyck in the parish church, all the way to the belle époque with the famous Music Kiosk in the heart of the seaside promenade!

Castle by the sea

Civic tower

Hannibal Bridge

Music Kiosk

Saline Gate

San Michele di Pagana

Slate portals

Valle Christi Monastery