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St Roch and the Nagge

San Rocco and le Nagge are two easternmost districts of the municipality, bordering the municipality of Zoagli, and are part of the historic Seglio district.

Le Nagge (Via Avenaggi) is one of the areas that has undergone the least change since the last century, with 19th- and 20th-century residential dwellings overlooking the sea and beach. Images of the Frog Gardens, to the east of the Clarisse complex, have always been characterised by the silhouette of a gigantic 200-year-old eucalyptus tree, which collapsed in the autumn of 2006.

Via Avenaggi opens the gates to the ‘Luigi Casale’ municipal park, an immense park with paths, centuries-old trees, a large garden with children’s games and, above all, three ancient villas that are now public facilities: Villa Porticciolo (home to the Panathlon International secretariat), Villa Tigullio (home to the Rapallo International Library and the Lace Museum) and Villa Riva (home to the Guardia di Finanza brigade). The park, the town’s green lung, overlooks the cliffs on the coast towards Zoagli and from its gardens you can enjoy wonderful views of the Gulf of Rapallo and the promontory of Mount Portofino.

The coast in the San Rocco area

In its eastern area, between Villa Tigullio and the church of San Rocco, is the Minigolf and Miniaturgolf facility.

San Rocco developed along the route of the Via Aurelia Levante. The small church on the edge of Casale Park, originally dedicated to St Mary of Seglio, dates back to 1497 and during the plague of 1657 was dedicated to St Roch, the patron saint against the plague. In 1884, Don John Bosco celebrated Mass there. Of great beauty are the polychrome stained glass windows, which were restored in 2011.

Traditional celebrations are held around 16 August, the feast day of St Roch, patron saint of the district and the district itself.

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