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Rapallo Montallegro Cableway

Inaugurated on 29th August 1934, the cableway is the only facility of its kind in the whole of Liguria and one of the few in Italy that is not intended to transport skiers.

With a capacity of 144 people/hour, it makes it possible to arrive at the Sanctuary of Montallegro in just 7 minutes, after having overcome a difference in altitude of about 600 metres, and is an additional tourist attraction for groups of pilgrims visiting the Sanctuary that commemorates the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The ascent by cable car allows one to admire from above the intense blue of the Tigullio Gulf and a panorama of incomparable beauty, an enchanting prelude to the oasis of peace in which one finds oneself upon arrival at the cable car station. Near the sanctuary there are numerous paths and a Via Crucis that winds along the ridge among the holm oaks, an ideal walk to enjoy peace, silence and fresh, clean air even in summer.

The Rapallo Montallegro cable car operates daily (except in adverse weather conditions) with the following timetable, which may vary depending on events and seasonality.

As variations and closures are possible due to weather conditions and maintenance for legal controls, it is advisable to call tel. 0185.52341 (or 0185.239017) or consult Google maps – Funivia Rapallo, which is always updated by the staff in real time, to check the exact opening time of the lift before going there.

Timetables may vary depending on the time of year. In general, the summer timetable corresponds to daylight saving time, while the winter timetable corresponds to standard time, although variations in the timetable of the last run are possible.

For the exact opening hours of the lift please call 0185.52341 (or 0185.239017) or consult Google maps – Funivia Rapallo, always updated by the staff in real time

On special occasions and certain summer evenings, the cable car can also provide night service, with different fares

DIURNE tariffs:

One-way ticket: Euro 5.50

Return journey: Euro 8.00

Reduced for students up to 25 years

One-way ticket: Euro 4.00

Return journey: Euro 6.00

Reduced for residents

One-way Euro 3.70

Return journey Euro 5.50

Transport of bicycles and bulky parcels Euro 2.00

Groups (reduction with more than 15 persons):

One-way Euro 4.50

Return journey Euro 6.50

Facilities for workers and residents in Montallegro

Tariffs NIGHTS:

One-way ticket: Euro 6.00 (for all)

Return journey: Euro 10.00

Round trip for children up to 12 years Euro 7.00


Valley Station: Piazzale Solari, 2 – Rapallo

For information and/or bookings please call 0185.52341 (0185.239017)

E-mail address:

Website of the operator Doganaccia2000 srl:

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