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Fohn Museum

The Rapallo municipality is home to an original, one-of-a-kind collection dedicated to the fohn dryer, the professional instrument that originated in the U.S.A. in Chicago around 1911.

The collection, comprising no less than 120 specimens, collected over the last eight years, is on display at Via Trento 15, in the studio of the hairdresser Vittorio Mariano, who is available to receive anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of this equipment and relive, through the various models, not only the evolution of professional technique in this specific sector, but also that of women’s costume in the various eras represented.

Those who want to know more can consult the in-depth thematic report, written by the curator of the collection himself, Vittorio Mariano, who, with the sensitivity of a true ‘artist’, has for several years now been trying his hand at various expressions, from goldsmithing to fashion shows, with original creations in fabric including hair-like fibres.

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