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Towards the Walk of Kisses

8 km of history and beauty and at the end… just kisses!

This pleasant walk, suitable for everyone and divided into several stages, starts from the Rapallo seafront and ends in the Portofino “piazzetta”. Crossing the port and flanking the coastal road, you quickly reach the evocative district of San Michele di Pagana, which is worth a visit. Leaving the village and walking a short distance on the driveway, you enter Santa Margherita Ligure, where the route continues along the seafront and on a comfortable walkway to the iconic Bay of Paraggi. This is where the Passeggiata dei Baci (“Walk of Kisses”) begins: a paved path, between dry stone walls and holm oaks, with sudden panoramic views, will soon take you to Portofino.

Curiosity: The route follows the one of the famous Red Carpet, the longest red velvet carpet in the world which, in 2017, connected Rapallo to Portofino.

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