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Rapallo – Sanctuary of the Madonna di Caravaggio

A 2 and a half hours excursion that will give you splendid views of the Gulf of Tigullio and Golfo Paradiso.

Starting from S. Maria del Campo, once you have passed the ancient remains of the Monastery of S. Tomaso, you initially go up along a driveway and then take the steep Mulattiera di Spotà. Once you reach an altitude of 400 meters, the ascent becomes gentler until you reach the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Caravaggio on Mount Orsena (614 m). There you will enjoy a breathtaking view. For the return you can take the same road or continue downhill reaching Ruta di Camogli in about an hour and a half.

Curiosity: A short detour leads to the unusual Croce di Spotà: in reinforced concrete, 15 meters high, since 1935 it has stood in memory of the fallen of all wars.

Starting point: S.Maria al Campo, via S.Tommaso

Point of arrival: Sanctuary of Caravaggio

Length: approx. 4 km

Maximum height difference: 550 m

Signposts: -..

Difficulty level: Hikers (E)

No possibility to refuel with water during the route.

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