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The Mill Complex

About 2 km, with a difference in height of 170 m, to discover an almost lost world!

Caressing olive trees, chestnut trees and elegant cypresses, the mule track of San Maurizio ai monti, with its spectacular stone bridges, quickly leads to the mill complex declared a National Monument. These are four seventeenth-century mills, placed at different heights to facilitate the flow of water from the stream and the drive of the wheels. We find a mill for chestnuts, one for wheat, an oil mill and, under the road, a building used for pressing the pomace. The oil mill, called çopressa, now houses the interesting Museum of Rural Life dedicated to the Garibaldian G. Pendola.

Curiosity: Captain Giovanni Pendola, owner of the complex at the end of the 19th century, took part in the Expedition of the “Mille” with Giuseppe Garibaldi!

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