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Margherita Refuge

From an anti-aircraft post to a haven of peace, always open to winds and travelers!

The Margherita refuge, at 775 m on the top of Monte Pegge, is an unmissable destination. It can be easily reached in about 1.30 hours from Montallegro (via Passo della Crocetta) or with more demanding routes starting from the center of Rapallo (via S. Agostino and Pian dei Merli) or from the hamlet of Chignero (via Manico del Lume). Whatever road you take you will always find it open and cosy, thanks to the generous work of the Alpini of Rapallo: a table, a fireplace, pots and pans and everything you need to refresh yourself a step away from heaven. Don’t forget to leave a small offer before leaving.

Curiosity: The name Margherita is not due to the Queen, but to the mother of the owner of the land on which the refuge stands!

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