Emperor’s Path

Discovering the splendor of San Michele di Pagana on a millenary journey!

Starting from the Hannibal Bridge, an easy path runs through villas, olive groves and gardens which, in about half an hour, leads to S. Michele. The road, now paved, follows the ancient path halfway up the coast that reached Portofino. In 1496, Emperor Maximilian I with his entourage walked on this path. Halfway along the walk you will find the small chapel of San Nicola, mentioned since 1259. Once you reach the town of San Michele, the itinerary, which is accompanied by explanatory panels, continues to the center of Rapallo passing along the provincial panoramic road.

Curiosity: Leaving San Michele, on the seafront, you will find the white villa where Gabriela Mistral, the great Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945, lived in the 1950s.

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