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Pansoti in walnut sauce

In Rapallo, the thinest “big-belly” is combined with the most delicate sauce of the Riviera!

Rapallo is the capital of pasta factories: they are real laboratories where, every day, skilled floured hands prepare all shapes of fresh pasta, like the “pansoti” which obtained in 2012 the De.Co. (traditional local product certification). Because of the lack of meat, they are called “lean”, but they are very tasty: since ancient times, the recipe expects a filling made up of a mixture of wild herbs (“preboggion” in Genoese dialect) and seasonal cheese. They are accompanied by a simple and tasty sauce, made with walnuts harvested in the hamlets on the hills, breadcrumbs softened in milk, garlic and the inevitable olive oil.

Curiosity: “Pansoti” are famous thanks to the cooks and maids from Rapallo, who were employed in the many villas of the English, Germans and Russians that crowded the city between the two Wars!

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