Montepegli tortello

The treasure of a tiny hilltop village!

The smallest of Rapallo’s hamlets, Montepegli, climbs the ranking of culinary popularity giving birth to a real delicacy. It is the homonymous “tortello”: a big “raviolo” that can be filled with vegetables, rice or cheese. It is fried in abundant oil, becoming a sort of golden “focaccetta” to be enjoyed both hot and cold. In July, in Montepegli hamlet, an entire festival is dedicated to the “tortello”, but it can be found all year in some city delicatessen.

Curiosity: Montepegli could have very ancient origins: in fact, it seems that the toponym derives, like others widespread in the area such as Pegge or Pegli, from the pre-Latin term pei which meant spring.

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