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Golden, warm, with dimples that taste like the sea: in Rapallo it is a real passion!

It could be described as a thin and tasty bread, but the only way to know focaccia, or rather “fugassa” (in genoese dialect), is to taste it.

Mentioned for the first time in Genoa in a contract of 1229, it is still the protagonist in Rapallo from morning to evening: at breakfast dipping it in cappuccino, at school as a snack, as food for walking or on the table with bread, with aperitif at the evening. It is also found in manye variants with onions, sage, olives or sliced ​​tomatoes, but never call it white pizza!

Curiosity: Generally it is not bought by weight. A “toccu” (“a little amount of it” in Genoese dialect), a “slerfa” (in Genoese dialect) and a strip are the units of measurement with which focaccia is sold!

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