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Kayaking and SUP

To glide silently over the surface of the water, suspended between blue skies and Posidonia meadows!

You cannot say you know the Gulf of Tigullio if you have not taken to the sea, at least once, aboard a kayak or board. Experienced or novice, on your own or with licensed guides, this is the best way to discover otherwise inaccessible corners of the coast and find unusual perspectives. The Rapallo Canoe Club has been promoting canoeing and the love of the sea for over 20 years with outings, competitions, courses and equipment hire. Outdoor Portofino, based in Niasca near Portofino, offers daily excursions and kayak and SUP rental.

Curiosity: Activities are not limited to the summer period, but take place all year round with excursions and school camps for children and young people too!

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