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Rapallo – Crocetta – Rapallo

A road route of about 45 km, from the sea to the heart of the hinterland!

You start from Rapallo, towards Chiavari along the Via Aurelia. Then you leave the sea behind you, and ride on towards the Bocco di Leivi where you can also get water. At Maggi you take for a short distance the Ardesia Cycle Route, a witness to the historic mining activity in the area. Riding on, you get in the Municipality of Coreglia Ligure climbing up to the Passo della Crocetta (590 m). The view of the Gulf from that spot is priceless; then you go down again to Rapallo, unless you opt for a panoramic detour to Montallegro.

Curiosity: Rapallo has always been strongly linked to the communities of the interland: Giovanni Chichizola himself, the young farmer to whom the Madonna di Montallegro appeared in 1557, was a native of Coreglia.

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